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Welcome to our roundup of highly-rated cookware, designed to inspire and elevate your culinary experience. Today, we’re focusing on Curtis Stone Cookware, a brand known for its commitment to quality and durability. As we take you on a journey through the range of products, get ready to discover a collection that promises to transform your kitchen and take your cooking to the next level.

The Top 14 Best Curtis Stone Cookware

  1. Curtis Stone’s DuraPan All-Purpose Cookware Set: Versatile and Durable Nonstick Pans — Experience versatile, durable, and nonstick cookware with the 14-piece DuraPan All-Purpose Set by Curtis Stone, perfect for everyday use and suited for all stovetops and ovens.
  2. Dura-Pan Nonstick Cast Aluminum All Day Pan by Curtis Stone — The Curtis Stone Dura-Pan Nonstick Cast Aluminum All Day Pan is a versatile, oven-safe cookware perfect for sauteing, searing, braising, and baking, featuring an easy-to-clean nonstick coating and convenient handle covers.
  3. Versatile Dura-Pan Nonstick Cookware Set by Curtis Stone — Cook like a pro with the versatile 6-Piece Dura-Pan Nonstick Cookware Set by Curtis Stone, featuring a premium nonstick coating, durable forged aluminum construction, and convenient double-riveted stainless-steel handles.
  4. Curtis Stone Mini Multi-Cooker for One or Two: Compact and Versatile Cookware — Cook for one or two with ease using the compact Curtis Stone Dura-Pan Nonstick Mini Multi-Cooker, featuring removable pot and power cord for travel and a convenient recipe book.
  5. Versatile Curtis Stone 4-Piece Cookware Set for Induction Cooktops — Upgrade your kitchen with the versatile Curtis Stone Dura-Pan 4-Piece Chef’s Square Saute Set, offering easy cleanup and induction compatibility for exceptional cooking experiences.
  6. Curtis Stone 1.6-Quart Dura-Pan Multi-function Soup & Jam Maker — Experience versatility and convenience with the 1.6-Quart Dura-Pan Multi-function Soup Maker, featuring a 4-Layer nonstick coated jug and easy touch control panel for a wide range of tasty blended recipes.
  7. Curtis Stone Multi-Purpose Steam and Roast Set for Perfect Meals — Transform your kitchen into a culinary masterpiece with Curtis Stone’s Multipurpose Steam and Roast Set, perfect for a wide range of cooking methods, ensuring mouth-watering results every time.
  8. Versatile Mini Cooker Set for Hassle-Free Storage and Transport — The Curtis Stone 2-Pack Dura-Pan Mini Multi Cooker Pots with Lids in Black provide hassle-free storage and transport of food, earning a 4.8 rating from customers.
  9. Curtis Stone Easy Lift Fry Basket for Effortless Cooking — Curtis Stone’s Easy Lift 10" Fry Basket effortlessly transforms your cooking experience, allowing for easy and quick pasta or veggie preparation with its perfectly sized design.
  10. Curtis Stone’s Nonstick Mini Bakeware Set — Perfect for Sweet and Savory — Bake flawlessly with the versatile Dura-Bake 3 Piece Mini Bakeware Set, featuring Curtis Stone’s renowned nonstick coating and durable carbon steel construction.
  11. Curtis Stone Dura-Bake Nonstick Sheet Pans for Versatile Cooking and Cleaning — Get ready for delicious and hassle-free baking with the Curtis Stone Dura-Bake Set of 2 Gold 9" x 13" Nonstick Sheet Pans, perfect for all your cooking needs!
  12. Curtis Stone 6.3-Quart Airfryer Pressure Cooker with Easy-to-Use Touch Controls — Experience hassle-free, versatile cooking with the Curtis Stone Dura-Electric 6.3-Quart Airfryer Pressure Cooker, featuring a dual lid design and easy-to-read touch control panel, perfect for creating delicious dishes in a wide range of cooking modes.
  13. Curtis Stone Dura-Bake Divided Sheet Pan Set with Non-Stick Surfaces — Experience Cooking Ease with the Curtis Stone Dura-Bake Divided Sheet Pan Set — Pristine red design, durable nonstick surfaces, and convenient dividers, all under your expert guidance!
  14. Curtis Stone Stuffed Waffle Maker with Easy Recipes and Gift Box — Curtis Stone Stuffed Waffle Makers elevate your breakfast game with ease, offering nonstick cooking plates, simple operation, and quick cleanup for mouthwatering, customizable waffles.

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🔗Curtis Stone’s DuraPan All-Purpose Cookware Set: Versatile and Durable Nonstick Pans


There’s something inviting about the simplicity and reliability of Curtis Stone’s DuraPan cookware set. With its 14-piece array, it feels like a cook’s best friend, offering everything from a classic saucepan to the grill pan.

The bakeware isn’t just an afterthought, but a welcomed element. The aluminum pans boast durability and sturdiness, the staple of any long-lasting cookware set. The versatility of this range is truly commendable, and the nonstick interiors make everything from sautéing to flipping a breeze. Nonetheless, I found the sheet and griddle pan as unique and useful additions that elevate this set.

Moving on to the safety aspect, rest assured that these pans can stand up to all stovetop requirements including induction, excepting the 5.5" grill pan. They are oven safe up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit and conveniently dishwasher safe, although hand washing is suggested for longevity.

The Dura-Pan nonstick coating, which promises both durability and strength, is a standout feature. It’s more than three-times stronger than conventional nonstick coatings, providing more than four-times the strength. This ensures the surface releases food effortlessly, aiding in easy cleanup.

Another appreciated detail is the compatibility with metal cooking utensils. However, I’d suggest utilizing nylon, wooden, or silicone utensils to extend the life of the nonstick coating.

Overall, this set has been a delightful addition to my kitchen, proving versatility, durability, and ease of use — elements that make it an essential addition to the arsenal of any culinary enthusiast.

🔗Dura-Pan Nonstick Cast Aluminum All Day Pan by Curtis Stone


As a regular cook, I find the Curtis Stone Dura-Pan Nonstick Cast Aluminum All Day Pan to be an absolute game-changer in my kitchen. The nonstick coating is a dream to work with, making cleanup a breeze and preventing food from sticking to the pan.

One of my favorite features of this pan is the built-in pour spouts; they align with the two straining options on the cast aluminum lid, making it effortless to strain soups, sauces, or pasta water. Braising dots on the lid collect evaporated water and oils, allowing them to drip back onto the food, keeping it moist and flavorful.

The pan’s versatility is truly impressive, as it’s oven safe and perfect for everything from sauteing veggies to searing steaks. The cast aluminum and stainless steel disc base provide even heating across all surfaces, ensuring consistent results when cooking.

While the product description highlights the Dura-Pan nonstick coating, the PFOA-free speckled interior finish, and the metal-utensil safe construction, what truly stands out to me is the pan’s ease of use and cleanup. It’s a joy to cook with, and the handle covers are a fantastic bonus to protect my hands from the heat.

Overall, the Curtis Stone Dura-Pan Nonstick Cast Aluminum All Day Pan has become a staple in my kitchen, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a high-quality, versatile pan that is a pleasure to use.

🔗Versatile Dura-Pan Nonstick Cookware Set by Curtis Stone


I recently had the pleasure of trying the Curtis Stone Dura-Pan Nonstick Cookware Set, and I must say, it’s a game-changer in my kitchen. The set offers a diverse range of pan shapes perfect for every meal of the day. The 5-layer titanium nonstick coating really shines, making cooking and cleanup a breeze.

The forged aluminum construction adds strength and durability to the set, and the stainless steel disc bases and reinforced pan rims ensure even heat distribution. The double-riveted stainless-steel handles stay cool under normal stovetop conditions, and the vented, tempered glass lids provide a perfect seal for cooking. Overall, this cookware set is a must-have for anyone looking to elevate their culinary experience.

🔗Curtis Stone Mini Multi-Cooker for One or Two: Compact and Versatile Cookware


For those who prefer cooking for one or two, the Curtis Stone Dura-Pan Nonstick Mini Multi-Cooker is a dream come true. This compact appliance offers four functions modes — Multi-Cook, Slow Cook, Bake, and Keep Warm — making it simple to whip up delectable meals whenever you please.

The Dura-Pan nonstick coating ensures a snap when cleaning up after, and its removable pot and power cord are a gamechanger when it comes to portability and working in a small space. Plus, it comes with five mouth-watering recipes to kickstart your culinary journey.

🔗Versatile Curtis Stone 4-Piece Cookware Set for Induction Cooktops


As a foodie, I was thrilled to try the Curtis Stone Dura-Pan 4-Piece Chef’s Square Saute Set. Its unique square design seemed like an excellent addition to my kitchen gadgets. With high walls and versatility, I’ve found it convenient for one-pan dishes, baking, roasting, and even steaming.

The built-in stainless steel induction plate is a massive advantage, making it easy to use on any cooktop, including induction. The non-stick surface ensures that cleanup is a breeze, and the Dura-Pan coating ensures food slides right out of the pan with minimal effort.

However, I did face a slight challenge with the weight of the lid. It seemed a bit heavy, which worried me, especially since it’s not mentioned in the description. Despite this, it fits perfectly onto the pan without any hassle.

Overall, the Curtis Stone Dura-Pan 4-Piece Chef’s Square Saute Set has proven to be a fantastic addition to my kitchen. Its durability, versatility, and ease of use make it a worthwhile investment for any home cook.

🔗Curtis Stone 1.6-Quart Dura-Pan Multi-function Soup & Jam Maker


I recently tried the Curtis Stone Dura-Pan Multi-function Soup Maker and let me tell you, it’s an all-in-one tool for creating a variety of blended recipes. The 1.6-quart capacity is perfect for making enough soup for multiple servings, while the easy touch control panel lets you switch between five pre-set functions and additional features like Keep Warm and Pulse.

One of the standout highlights was the Dura-Pan nonstick saut cooking surface, which made cleanup a cinch. The 4-Layer coating on the jug also made it non-stick and kept my soup from getting stuck when I cleaned it. It was a welcomed touch after using other soup makers that left me with a tough mess to deal with.

What could have been better, though, was the purchasing experience. I ended up buying the product from a third-party seller on Walmart, instead of directly from their site. This led to some confusion and surprise when the item arrived in a damaged box, although I didn’t blame Fedex for that.

Overall, the Curtis Stone Soup Maker offers a versatile range of options for your blended recipes, but make sure to purchase it directly from Walmart to avoid potential issues.

🔗Curtis Stone Multi-Purpose Steam and Roast Set for Perfect Meals


Recently, my family and I were searching for the perfect cookware to use for our weeknight dinners. The Curtis Stone Multipurpose Steam and Roast Set caught our eye — not only because of the tantalizing photos on the packaging, but also because we were intrigued by its versatility.

Upon opening the box, I was immediately struck by the thoughtful design of the product. The multipurpose pan and lid fit effortlessly over the rack, which can accommodate both the original and deep version of Curtis’s pans. The steam and roast set allowed us to steam, roast, grill, and poach with ease — truly a culinary game-changer!

The incorporated holes in the cone were a delightful feature that made all the difference in how our chicken turned out. The steam flowed evenly, infusing our chicken with a subtle yet mouthwatering flavor that I’ve never experienced before.

However, there were a couple of areas in which the set could use some improvement. The rack was a bit flimsy when cooking on a high heat setting, causing it to warp slightly which took away from the overall presentation of our meal. Additionally, the cone was a hassle to clean properly, as there were several nooks and crannies where food residue could easily get trapped.

Despite these minor shortcomings, my experience with the Curtis Stone Multipurpose Steam and Roast Set has left a lasting impression. The convenience and flavor-enhancing features outweigh the small drawbacks — it’s a product I would highly recommend to anyone looking to elevate their home cooking game.

🔗Versatile Mini Cooker Set for Hassle-Free Storage and Transport


As a cooking enthusiast, I found the Curtis Stone 2-Pack Dura-Pan Mini Multi Cooker Pots with Lids quite handy. The pots are easy to use, clean, and very durable. Their compact size makes them perfect for small kitchens, making meal preparation a breeze.

The added bonus of the silicone lids is an excellent feature for storing leftovers without the hassle of transferring them into a container. The high rating and positive reviews from other users definitely back up my experience with this product.

However, I did notice that the lids are quite thin, but hopefully, their durability will compensate for that. Overall, the Curtis Stone cookware pots are a fantastic addition to any kitchen, and I wholeheartedly recommend them.

🔗Curtis Stone Easy Lift Fry Basket for Effortless Cooking


I recently tried the Curtis Stone Easy Lift Fry Basket and was impressed with how easy it made the cooking and draining process. After boiling some vegetables, I simply lifted the handle, locked it into place, and lowered the basket into the electric skillet.

The mesh made draining the water or oil a breeze, and I could easily pour the contents onto my serving dish without any mess. However, I did notice that the basket sometimes moved around when I was lifting it out of the skillet, which caused some spills.

Overall, this fry basket is a great addition to any kitchen that streamlines the cooking and draining process.

🔗Curtis Stone’s Nonstick Mini Bakeware Set — Perfect for Sweet and Savory


This mini bakeware set from Curtis Stone is the perfect addition to any kitchen, and has been an integral part of my daily life. Its versatility allows me to easily bake both sweet and savory dishes without any hassle or stress. The carbon steel construction ensures that the pans are sturdy and reliable, while the Dura-Bake nonstick coating guarantees a seamless baking experience every time.

One of the standout features of this set is its nonstick coating, which has made cleaning a breeze. Not only is the clean-up process incredibly easy, but the food doesn’t stick to the pans, allowing for effortless food removal.

However, I’ve noticed a few drawbacks to this set. Occasionally, the food does stick in certain instances, and I’ve found that the nonstick coating wears down over time. Additionally, the pans can be a bit flimsy and prone to scratching, which is a downer when it comes to durability.

Overall, the Curtis Stone Dura-Bake 3 Piece Mini Bakeware Set has been a reliable and convenient addition to my kitchen. Despite a few drawbacks, its nonstick coating and versatility have made it a worthwhile purchase.

🔗Curtis Stone Dura-Bake Nonstick Sheet Pans for Versatile Cooking and Cleaning


Being someone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen, it was only natural for me to give Curtis Stone’s Dura-Bake Set of 2 9" x 13" Nonstick Sheet Pans a try. This gold-tinted beauty quickly became my go-to in the oven.

First off, the durability of these pans was a standout feature for me. They seemed almost indestructible, which made me confident they would withstand my daily recipe binging sessions. Plus, the non-stick coating made cleanup a breeze — no more scrubbing away stubborn food stuck to the pan.

However, there were a few hiccups along the way. The first one was a mismatch in color. These were advertised as gold, but when they arrived, they looked red. While it’s not a significant issue, it was a bit disappointing.

Second, it was a bit disheartening to find out that these pans are dishwasher-safe yet they started warping in the oven when heated. It didn’t affect the final result of my cooking, but it did make me question their long-term durability.

So, while Curtis Stone’s Dura-Bake Set boasts a sleek appearance and excellent non-stick coating, there’s a note of caution regarding color accuracy and potential warping during use. Overall, they’re a strong contender for anyone looking for reliable, non-stick pans, but just be aware of these quirks.

🔗Curtis Stone 6.3-Quart Airfryer Pressure Cooker with Easy-to-Use Touch Controls


I’ve been using this Curtis Stone Airfryer Pressure Cooker for the past few weeks and I absolutely love it. Having eight different cooking modes makes my meal preparation much easier and quicker. The air fry function has been a game-changer as it allows me to easily cook my vegetables without using a lot of oil. Switching from air frying to pressure cooking is incredibly effortless by simply replacing the lid. The dual lid design means I can cook all sorts of dishes, from soups to roasts, without having to pull out a separate pressure cooker.

One thing I’ve noticed is the effective temperature control that ensures my meals come out perfectly tender and juicy. The easy touch control panel and display make it a breeze to adjust the settings and the large, clear LED display lets me know exactly what temperature I’m cooking at and for how long.

Another feature I really like is the Dura-Electric nonstick coated inner pot that is made from four layers of nonstick coating, making cleaning a breeze. I find it particularly handy when using metal utensils. However, I would highly recommend using nylon, wooden, or silicone utensils to prolong the life of the nonstick coating.

The package comes with an air fryer pressure cooker unit, lid, power cord, fry basket, steam rack, rice paddle, and a measuring cup. The Curtis Stone Airfryer Pressure Cooker is a versatile and easy-to-use addition to any kitchen. Highly recommended!

🔗Curtis Stone Dura-Bake Divided Sheet Pan Set with Non-Stick Surfaces


I recently tried the Curtis Stone Dura-Bake Divided Sheet Pan Set and it quickly became my favorite bakeware set. The long and short dividers make it perfect for baking multiple dishes at once, without any of them mixing together. The non-stick surfaces make cleanup a breeze, and I love how they heat up evenly, ensuring consistent results every time.

However, I noticed that the dividers might be a bit difficult to remove, but overall, it’s a small inconvenience considering how much I enjoy using this set.

🔗Curtis Stone Stuffed Waffle Maker with Easy Recipes and Gift Box


I recently tried the Curtis Stone Stuffed Waffle Maker, and I must say, it’s a game-changer for breakfast time! The 5-inch size makes it perfect for filling with all sorts of deliciousness, like fruit, chocolate, and even savory options. What stands out the most is how simple it is to use — there are no complicated settings or buttons. The nonstick cooking plates are a nice touch, as they make cleaning up a breeze.

I’ve been using this waffle maker daily, and it’s been a joy to see my family’s reactions to the creative fillings I’ve been experimenting with. The 520-watt power output ensures that the waffles cook quickly, and the included 24 recipes provide a great starting point for those who are unsure of what to fill their waffles with.

While the waffle maker is easy to clean, I did have to deal with a small issue. The packaging arrived with a different color than what I ordered — I was expecting cherry, but instead, I got green. This was a bit of a letdown, as I would have preferred the color I initially selected. Nonetheless, the overall experience was still enjoyable, and I think it’s a great value for the price.

If you’re looking to add some excitement to your mornings, I definitely recommend giving the Curtis Stone Stuffed Waffle Maker a try. It’s a fun and versatile appliance that will surely become a staple in your kitchen.

Buyer’s Guide

Curtis Stone is a renowned chef and cookbook author known for his passion for cooking and sharing his culinary expertise. His cookware line, bearing his name, has become popular among home cooks and professional chefs alike. If you’re considering investing in Curtis Stone cookware, this buyer’s guide will provide you with detailed information on the important features, considerations, and general advice to ensure you make an informed decision.


Material and Construction

Curtis Stone cookware is made of high-quality materials designed to withstand the rigors of everyday cooking. The most common materials used include stainless steel, aluminum, and copper. Stainless steel is the primary material for non-reactive cookware, while aluminum and copper are used for their excellent heat conduction properties.

Non-Stick vs. Stick-Resistance Coating

Curtis Stone cookware features two types of coatings: Non-Stick and PFOA-Free Titanium. The Non-Stick coating is perfect for those who prefer using less oil while cooking, while the PFOA-Free Titanium coating offers a stick-resistant surface that reduces the need for additional cooking spray or oil.


Heat Distribution and Retention

Proper heat distribution and retention are crucial for even cooking and energy efficiency. Look for cookware with a heavy base and a compatible lid for optimal heat distribution. Additionally, consider the thickness of the walls for better heat retention and energy conservation during cooking and after-cooking.

Durability and Maintenance

Quality cookware should be both durable and easy to maintain. Curtis Stone cookware features a scratch-resistant surface, making it suitable for use with a variety of cooking utensils. It’s recommended to hand wash the cookware to prevent damage to the non-stick or stick-resistant coatings and to ensure long-lasting performance.



What is Curtis Stone Cookware and who is it designed for?

Curtis Stone Cookware is a range of kitchenware products designed by renowned chef and television personality, Curtis Stone. These products are meant to cater to both professional and home chefs, offering a variety of functional and stylish options for cooking and entertaining needs. The range includes various items such as pots, pans, skillets, bakeware, and more.

With its high-quality materials and attractive design, Curtis Stone Cookware aims to provide users with the tools needed to create delicious and impressive meals, whether they are cooking for friends and family or preparing a gourmet feast for an event. The products are known for their durability and ease of use, making them a popular choice for kitchen enthusiasts of all skill levels.


What materials are used to make Curtis Stone Cookware?

Curtis Stone Cookware is made using a variety of high-quality materials to ensure superior performance, durability, and safety. Most of the products in the range are crafted from stainless steel, which provides even heat distribution and is easy to clean. Some of the products also feature non-stick coating, made from PFOA-free, PTFE-free, and non-stick materials, guaranteeing easy food release and easy maintenance.

Additionally, the bakeware items in the collection are made from heavy-duty aluminum or stainless steel, providing consistent and even baking and withstanding high temperatures during use. Overall, Curtis Stone Cookware is committed to using materials that not only enhance the cookware’s performance but also contribute to its longevity and eco-friendliness.

What is the warranty policy for Curtis Stone Cookware?

Curtis Stone Cookware offers a limited lifetime warranty on all its products. The warranty covers defects in material and workmanship, ensuring that customers can enjoy their purchase without worrying about product malfunctions. However, it is essential to note that the warranty does not cover wear and tear, accidents, or abnormal usage.

In case a product is found to be defective, customers can contact the Curtis Stone Cookware customer service team, who will guide them through the process of filing a claim and obtaining a replacement or refund. It is recommended that users register their products with the company upon purchase to facilitate the warranty process in the event of any issues.


Are Curtis Stone Cookware products compatible with induction cooktops?

Most of the Curtis Stone Cookware products, including pots and pans, are compatible with induction cooktops. To be induction cooktop-friendly, the cookware must be made from materials that have magnetic properties, such as cast iron or stainless steel with magnetic properties. This allows for the cookware to generate an electromagnetic field when placed on an induction cooktop, transferring heat directly to the pot or pan.

However, it is essential to check the specifications of individual products before purchasing, as some items might not be induction cooktop-compatible. Curtis Stone Cookware provides these details on their website, which can be consulted during the product selection process. It is always advisable to consult the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure compatibility with any specific cooking equipment.

What are the cleaning and maintenance requirements for Curtis Stone Cookware?

Curtis Stone Cookware products are relatively easy to clean, thanks to their non-stick and stainless steel surfaces. To maintain the non-stick coating, it is recommended to avoid using metal utensils, as they might scratch the surface. Instead, opt for silicone, wooden, or nylon utensils for handling and stirring food.

When cleaning the cookware, hand-washing is preferred over using a dishwasher, as the latter might lead to the coatings wearing off more quickly. After use, let the cookware cool down to room temperature before washing, and avoid using abrasive sponges, steel wool, or other harsh cleaning tools. For stainless steel items, it is crucial to refrain from using bleach or abrasive cleaning agents that might cause discoloration or damage the finish.

What is the process for selecting the right size and type of Curtis Stone Cookware?

To select the appropriate size and type of Curtis Stone Cookware, it is essential to consider the purpose of the product, the number of people one intends to cook for, and the available space in the kitchen. When choosing a pot, pan, or skillet, consider factors such as the type of food to be cooked (e. g. , frying, boiling, or baking), the size of the cooking surface, and the capacity needed for your family or event. Some items come in various sizes, allowing for flexibility in selection.

It is also a good idea to check the dimensions of the product, particularly if storage space is limited. Curtis Stone Cookware products are designed with both functionality and aesthetics in mind, giving customers a wide range of choices to suit their individual needs and preferences. In case of doubt, consult the product’s specifications or seek advice from a sales representative or customer service team to ensure the best selection for your needs.

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